Summer Series

The need for motion media literacy and ability is here to stay. Put simply, because virtually anyone now can make and distribute a movie, everyone must learn the basics of how to read and write in a cinematic language. To do anything less, leaves this powerful medium in the hands of a few.

The Summer Series seeks to embody these firmly held principles. By giving teachers the proper tools, we can better equip individuals to communicate and thrive in an increasingly media- saturated world.

Have No Fear… the Rosebud Institute is about embracing current media trends to communicate and learn. General computer competence is more than adequate for success in these courses.

Participants will focus on learning and using the basic language of cinematic expression and sharing their work on the web. Industry-leading hardware and software will be introduced as needed throughout the series.

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Tuesday, May 28 – Tuesday, July 9, 2013
This course addresses new approaches for teaching media literacy by exploring the basics of reading, writing, and presenting in motion media. Participants will create relevant motion picture projects while learning useful ways to display, manage, and share those projects on the web. Class will meet once a week.

mmi1 Teachers follow two interrelated curriculum modules: one in which they learn the basics of making films themselves, and another in which they learn how to establish and manage digital assets through the use of ePortfolios.

Specially arranged follow-up courses:

mmi2 Work naturally builds on principles from mmi1, including a look at how sound affects the language of motion media and how Web 2.0 tools further expand the teaching power of the internet. Personal curriculum modification and development will also be a focus of the course.

Additional lab work in mmi3 may follow, enabling participants to continue to build their knowledge base. Summer Series courses will be offered on an ongoing basis.

Course structure provides ample opportunity to work and learn together while networking with other professionals.

Program participants will choose from a number of evening sessions, including film screenings, emerging technologies, and relevant supplemental coursework.

Online pre-session work for each course begins one week prior to the first day of each class.